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UD Thessa is A Damar Batu Collectors, Processors, Suppliers, & Exporters Based on Surabaya City, Indonesia | Ready Stock Damar Batu Bombay Grade, Kalkutta Grade, and Dust Grade | Phone/Whatsapp at +62821-5447-8997

Indonesia Natural Organic Cinnamon (Spice) III

Dear All Value,

Established in 2007, UD. Thessa Indonesia,  has more than 10 year experience in manufacturing and exporting CINNAMON product.

Located in East Java province, our factory directly controls from raw material to final products. To meet rising demand from customers, we also set up another factory in South Kalimantan province to enlarge our capacity. Our products have been exported to different countries over the world, such as India, Korea, China, UAE, etc.

Product Information

Cinnamon grown in the tropical countries such as Indonesia, China, Vietnam. Cassia is a precious spice and is used widely in food and medical industry.

We are pleased to introduce our product Raw & Round cut Cinnamon as below:

Product Name                         Organic Indonesian Cinnamon
Marking                                   : UD. Thessa Indonesia
Condition                                : Natural Colour, Smooth Touch, & Good Curve
Moisture                                  : 10 % Max
Admixture                               : 1 % Max
Length                                     : 10 – 75 CM 
Packing                                   : Double PP Bags
Gross Weight                          : 21.5 KGs/Bags
Nett Weight                            : 20.5 KGs/Bags
Container capacity                  : 8  MT/20FT - 16MT/40FT/HQ
Origin                                      : Indonesia

Info/Order/Whatsapp +6282154478997 (Dodik)

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