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UD Thessa is A Damar Batu Collectors, Processors, Suppliers, & Exporters Based on Surabaya City, Indonesia | Ready Stock Damar Batu Bombay Grade, Kalkutta Grade, and Dust Grade | Phone/Whatsapp at +62821-5447-8997

Damar Batu Powder Quality

Damar Batu Dust Quality
Dear Sir/Mrs,
Good day, Hope you are in fine. Thank you for interest us. We are pleased to inform you of our Damar Batu Product, We collected it, Processed it, & Sell by our self. Our product has come to many country, kindly find the detail:
  • Bombay Grade, double bags @50kgs, 2.5 % - 5 % dust, 325 bags (16.250MT) per 20 FCL, CNF, Price: Negotiable.
Damar Batu Bombay Grade
  • Calcutta Grade, double bags @50kgs, 5 % - 10% dust max, 365 bags (18.250MT) per 20 FCL, CNF, Price: Negotiable.
Damar Batu Calcutta Grade
  • Powder, single  bags @50kgs, 420 bags (21.000MT) per 20 FCL, CNF, Price: Negotiable.
Damar Batu Dust (Powder)
Term of Payment:
  • LC
  • D/P Document Again Payment (would discussed it).
Also Read Damar Batu Calcutta Grade Right Here.

All Team UD. Thessa Indonesia

Head Office
Jl. Kalianak Madya III/29, Surabaya 60178, Indonesia
  • Phone   : (031) 7497158
  • Fax        : (031) 7497159
  • Email     : udthessa.surabaya@gmail.com
Branch Office
Jl. Cempaka Raya III/2, Banjarmasin 70119, Indonesia
  • Phone   : (0511) 4364731
  • Fax        : (0511) 3358696
  • Email     : udthessa.banjarmasin@gmail.com
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